If you recently purchased a new M1 Apple Silicon Mac, getting your development environment set up takes more effort than using an Intel based Mac. As of writing this, the information online has been limited and unanswered.

My work flow depends on Jupyter Lab, Pandas, and matplotlib. Jupyter Lab installs easily through pip, unfortunately matplotlib fails.

Pip install matplotlib fails because one of its dependencies is pillow and one of pillow’s dependency is libjpeg. The specific error is:

The headers or library files could not be found for jpeg,
a required dependency when compiling Pillow from source.

The new M1 Macs are blazing fast, especially if you are upgrading from 2017 model. There’s been plenty written about M1, no reason to rehash it here. A great video by Marques Brownlee does a great job reviewing the M1.

My workflow is all about Python and Pandas and at first it was a pain to get Pandas to work. Google searching lacked results and yet the solution is simple. Hoping to save people some time with this short post.

Find your favorite terminal, I use iterm, right click it to get info, then check the “Open using Rosetta” option…

Your competitors are a treasure trove of ideas. You can use them to find new sales channels, optimize your ad copy, increase revenue, and decrease customer acquisition costs. Now, more revenue and lower cost equal more $$$ and a happy boss, board, VC, PE, investors, etc.

If you feel a bit uneasy about copying your competition, remember what Sam Walton once said:

Most everything I’ve done, I’ve copied from somebody else. — Sam Walton

So now that you’re excited to be inspired by competition, let’s see some efficient ways to mine your competitors for information.

How to find additional sales/marketing channels

An easy and free way…

Bad marketers hurt customers, damage your brand, and light money on fire. They say All The Right Things, but the results are just not there. The most dangerous marketer is the one who believes their own 💩

A key step to improving your company’s marketing is to find the bad marketers. The following four methods are particularly effective in uncovering the value-destroying marketing critter in your organization. What you do once you find them is up to you.

Method #1:

They say:

Great idea, let’s test it.

All. The. Time.

The CEO wants to try a new marketing channel, the suspect marketer…

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