Apple M1, Python, Pandas, and Homebrew

The new M1 Macs are blazing fast, especially if you are upgrading from 2017 model. There’s been plenty written about M1, no reason to rehash it here. A great video by Marques Brownlee does a great job reviewing the M1.

My workflow is all about Python and Pandas and at first it was a pain to get Pandas to work. Google searching lacked results and yet the solution is simple. Hoping to save people some time with this short post.

Find your favorite terminal, I use iterm, right click it to get info, then check the “Open using Rosetta” option. After checking this the terminal will be emulated and will effectively work as though it is run on an intel chip vs. Apple Silicone.

I was easily able to install, homebrew, then python, then pandas and get to work. Everything worked so much faster than on my 2017 Mac Book Pro.



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