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  • Loop Crypto

    Loop Crypto

    ⚒️ Seamlessly automate on-chain crypto payments.

  • Nicholas Yoder

    Nicholas Yoder

    Quantitative Trader and Portfolio Manager ~ Somewhere between machine learning, physics and history. Email: nickyoder@gmail.com

  • Maxwell Blumenfeld

    Maxwell Blumenfeld

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Lane Rettig

    Lane Rettig

    Decentralizing the world one opcode at a time. I now publish at https://www.etherean.org and https://www.applescotch.com.

  • TwoBitIdiot


    Messari Founder. Crypto since it was “bitcoin 2.0” Formerly ConsenSys, DCG, and CoinDesk. Sign up for my Unqualified Opinions: https://messari.substack.com/

  • Michael Hui

    Michael Hui

  • Aaron Marsden

    Aaron Marsden

    Christ-follower, web developer, marketer

  • Kirill Polevoy

    Kirill Polevoy

  • Jason Mikula

    Jason Mikula

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